CV & Exhibitions



Born in Tirana, Albania in 1975
Lives and works in Milan, Italy


1998-2004 Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Milan, Italy / graduate in Visual Arts
1993-1997 National Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana, Albania / gratuate in Painting & Graphics


2008 PivArte Gallery, Bologna “The woman produces the man. The man will kill her” curated by Maria V. Berti
2007 Federico Bianchi Contemporary Art Gallery, Gorgonzola/Milan “Mirupafshim, Shadows of Voices” curated by Noah Stolz
2004 Art Fair Bologna 2004, included in the event "The Balkans - a Crossroad to the future" with the project "Appointments in the dark" curated by Harald Szeemann
2000 Studio Paint Factory, Pistoia " Regeneration in conditions of not life" curated by Marco Bazzini
1999 Spazio Umano, Milan "I heard her voice on the telephone, Kosovo ‘99” curated by Enrico.R. Comi


2009 25th Alexandria Biennial for Mediterranean countries, EGYPT "Aftermath" curated by Mohamed Abouelnaga
  "Muslim Mulliqi Prize 2009" The Kosova Art Gallery, Prishtina “Calling All the Stations” curated by Michele Robecchi and Gazmend Ejupi
  53. Venice Biennial " Krossing" in Forte Marghera, Venezia ME
  "Fuori SALONE Milano, Design itineraries" Art Agency "ZAPPING, ready to play"
  Palazzo Rospigliosi, Roma "Mediterranean" in "The Road to contemporary Art" curated by Elena Lydia Scipioni
  Palazzo Venezia, Roma "Stargate" in "The Road to contemporary Art" Federico Bianchi Contempoary Art Gallery
Premio Terna, Piazza del Campidoglio, Roma
  Milan Art Fair, MiArt 2008 "Federico Bianchi Contempoary Art Gallery"
2006 Art Fair Bologna 2006 “Photology Gallery"
  Palazzo della Penna, Perugia “Sound & Vision” curated by Luca Beatrice
  National Museum of Tirana, Albania "Onufri 2006” curated by Rubens Shima
  Museum of Modern Art, Ascona, Switzerland “Chère Louise” curated by Martin Kunz
2005 Art Fair Bologna 2005 “Photology Gallery"
  Artandgallery, Milan “Paura” curated by Manuela Gandini
2004 Milan Art Fair, MiArt 2004 "Photology Gallery"
  National Museum of Art, Tirana, Albania “Colors of Albania”
  DiArt, Seminario Vescovile di Trapani, Contemporary Art Permanent Collection
2003 ESSL Collection, Klosterneuburg/Wien/ Austria "Blood & Honey, Future's in the Balkans" curated by Harald Szeemann
2001 Chiostro dei Glicini, Milan "The color of the earth" curated by A. d'Avossa
  Domaine de Kerguehennec, Center of Contemporary Art, Bretagne, France
2000 Grenoble Academy Museum , France "Eclipse" curated by Gianni Motti & F. Perrin
  Vecchio Ospedale Soave, Codogno, Lodi "N.U.N.C." curated by A. d’Avossa
  Museo della Permanente, Milan "Salon" curated by F. de Filippi
  Palazzo Farnese, Museum of Contemporary Art, Ortona "We love Italy, Italy loves us" curated by Edi Muka
  Studio Casoli, Milan "Glocal" curated by D. Esposito
  XXL Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria "Glocal" curated by D. Esposito
1999 Palazzo Guasco, Alessandria "I Heard Her Voice On The Telephone, Kosovo, March 28-th 99" (Histories of each kind), curated by Francesca Pasini
  Milan & Rome Academy, Colonnella, Teramo, curated by D.Guzzi and B.Drudi
  National Museum of Tirana, Albania "Onufri '99"


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Osservatorio Balcani “The world of Vénera” interview written by M.Rukaj, may 2008

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2004 Ars Sutoria "The shoes: a choice of identity" [pag] 136-137 article written by Enrico Martinelli
  Ars Sutoria 316 "The surrealistics shoes" [pag] 216-219 article written by Enrico Martinelli
2003 Il Sole-24 Ore "Trip in the hell of the Bal-kan" review written by Manuela Gandini, Sunday, May 18th, 2003
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2009 53. Venice Biennial " Krossing"
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Cover, artwork & foto of the Album "Father" Boogey Man Orchestra (Audiodream records)
Cover, artwork & foto of the Album “I Knew Jeffrey Lee” Circo Fantasma (Lain records)
Cover & foto of the Album “Ad un passo dal vuoto ” Circo Fantasma (Edel records)
Cover of the Album “Tempi Migliori ” Circo Fantasma (BMG records)


DiArt, Contemporary Art Permanent Collection, Seminario Vescovile di Trapani


2007 “Fresh eyes in Formula 1“ artist residency organised by ING group & Parker Harris, London GB
2001 Le Domaine de Kerguehennec, Center of Contemporary Art Bretagne, France
1995 Ecole Cantonale D'Art de Lausanne, Switzerland