Critical Text

Michele Robecchi
"Sensation Seekers" at 53rd Venice Biennial, Official Collateral Events, june-october 2009

Maria Vittoria Berti
"The woman produces the man. The man will kill her." 2008

Veronica Pirola
"Mirupafshim, Shadows of Voices" 2007

Harald Szeemann
From the catalogue of the show Blood&Honey at ESSL. " My name is" 2003/2004

Noah Stolz
Press release of the Vénera Kastrati's solo show "Mirupafshim Shadows of Voices" curated by Noah Stolz 2007

Annalisa Califano
"A Shadow Symphony" Gli speciali di Kalporz 2006

Enrico Martinelli
For ArsArpel international fashion magazine "Shoes:a choice of identity". All about "Appointments in the dark" 2004

Manuela Gandini
"Eclipse" Viaggio nell'inferno dei Bal-kan 2003
Marco Bazzini
"Regeneration in conditions of not life" 2000
Francesca Pasini
For Flash Art magazine '99, More women than men "I heard her voice on the telephone Kosovo '99
Giancarlo Politi
To Tirana for Onufri, Flash Art March-April 2000
Antonio D'Avossa
"Hospital" 2000